Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Go to

What are the Prizes?

We have a range of Team Ireland goodies and also some virtual visits with Dare to Believe Ambassadors for your class available. To win a prize submit your activity at each of the stops to

Do I have to do this challenge only between the 15th April-10th May?

This is a 4 week challenge that commences on April 15th however you can start this any time to align with any other activities you have in the school.

Are there any costs involved?

No, this is a completely free challenge!

Can families sign up?

All Irish school students should be able to find their school in our database. We encourage families to help their child achieve their activity goals and join in on the fun. We hope to allow family teams in the future.

Can homeschool students sign up?

Yes, by simply searching for homeschool when registering, you should be able to do the challenge. 

Can schools outside of Ireland sign up?

Yes, by simply searching for Olympic School, teachers from all over the world can register. Please note, Fatti Burke posters are only available for schools in Ireland.  

How many students are on a team?

The challenge is designed for as many students in your class as you need. When you are setting up your team you can declare your team size. Students to “travel” from Dublin to Paris by being physically active for 60 minutes a day during the challenge. If all team members do that, they should arrive in Beijing!

Can secondary schools do the challenge?

The focus of our material is for primary schools, but there’s no reason why secondary schools can’t join the challenge and enjoy the videos.  

What if my school hasn’t signed up?

You can encourage your school to sign up by suggesting they sign up here.